Push Notification using Firebase in xamarin form (Android and IOS)

Push Notification using Firebase in xamarin form (Android and IOS) Watch video to understand the code: Follow steps to create push notification in both project. Create Project in Create Project for push notification After Creating Project add app for both IOS and Android Project. Create app in project For Both IOS and Android project add Package name. Package name should be same as your package name in Xamarin Android and IOS Project. Click on Register App Download Google Service json. If you are in android app then download google-services.json else if you are in ios app then download "GoogleService-Info.plist" file Click Next then click Next then Click Continue to console button. We have created project in firebase console now we will continue coding in xamarin. In Android Project add Internet Permission. Right click on android project -> Click on property -> In left menu select "Android Menifest

Upload Image in Xamarin Form

  Upload image in xamarin form   Get fontawesome code from   here First we will add control. ChoosePhotoControl.Xaml <ContentView xmlns="" xmlns:x="" x:Class="SchoolUIDesigns.Control.ChoosePhotoControl"> <ContentView.Content> <Grid RowDefinitions="Auto,Auto" ColumnDefinitions="Auto"> <Label x:Name="lblFontawesomeText" FontFamily="{StaticResource FontAwesomeSolid}" FontSize="40" HorizontalOptions="Center" Grid.Row="0" TextColor="#08457E"></Label> <Label x:Name="lblText" TextColor="Black" Grid.Row="1" HorizontalOptions="Center" FontSize="14"></Label> </Grid> </ContentView.Content> </ContentView> ChoosePhotoControl.x

Tips and Tricks in Xamarin Forms

 Hi Developer, I hope all you are fine. Lets start with tips and tricks for xamarin form which will be useful for you. For better understand please watch video . RefreshView The Refreshview  is a container control that provides pull to refresh functionality for scrollable content.  This control will work if you have use scrollview. sometime we use only listview or collectionview which does not required scrollview, if we use scrollview the it will show space at the bottom of the simply write below code: <RefreshView x:Name="refreshView" Refreshing="refreshView_Refreshing"> <ScrollView x:Name="MainScroll"> <ContentView HeightRequest="{Binding Source={x:Reference MainScroll},Path=Height}"> <!---- Your UI Design--> </ContentView> </ScrollView> </RefreshView> Activity Indicator Refreshview show loader on top of the pa

Calendar and Time View using Xamarin Form

Calendar and Time view in xamarin form First we fill add calendar and time template Download right and left arrow image from google and add in your project. code is explain in this video. CalendarTemplate.xaml <ContentView xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:vm="clr-namespace:SchoolUIDesigns.ViewModels" x:Class="SchoolUIDesigns.Control.CalendarTemplate"> <ContentView.Content> <Grid RowDefinitions="Auto,Auto" x:DataType="vm:CalendarViewModel"> <Label Text="{Binding WeekName}" Grid.Row="0" FontAttributes="Bold" /> <Label Text="{Binding Date}" Grid.Row="1" HorizontalOptions="Center" FontAttributes="Bold" /> </Grid> </ContentView.Content> </ContentView>

Textbox, Button, Combobox Design in xamarin form

  Textbox,Button, Combobox Design in xamarin form First we will create template get fontawesome code from  here Copy code for CustomEntry from  this link . Code is explain in this video Add " PancakeView " nugget in your project. CustomTextbox.xaml <ContentView xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:pcview="clr-namespace:Xamarin.Forms.PancakeView;assembly=Xamarin.Forms.PancakeView" xmlns:control="clr-namespace:LoginUIDesigns.Controls" x:Class="LoginUIDesigns.Controls.CustomTextbox"> <ContentView.Content> <StackLayout> <pcview:PancakeView x:Name="pc" CornerRadius="40,0,0,40" HeightRequest="55" BackgroundColor="White" Padding="10,0"> <

Hotel UI Design using xamarin Form

  Hotel UI Design using xamarin form First we will create template get fontawesome code from  here Copy code for CustomEntry from  this link . FilterTemplate.xaml <ContentView xmlns="" xmlns:x="" x:Class="HotelUIDesign.Views.Search_Page.Template.FilterTemplate"> <ContentView.Content> <StackLayout Padding="5"> <Frame CornerRadius="20" HasShadow="True"> <Grid ColumnDefinitions="Auto,Auto"> <Label Grid.Column="0" Text="{Binding Filter}" TextColor="#202020"></Label> <Label Grid.Column="1" VerticalOptions="Center" TextColor="#202020" FontFamily="{StaticResource FontAwesomeSolid}" FontSize="20"